Welcome, fellow traveler.

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most spectacular regions in the United States, offering endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. For over a decade, my passion has been exploring those opportunities. Through sheer curiosity I became something of a Northwest travel expert, and I created this website in order to help others find the same wonder that I have.

Useful information you’ll find here includes:

  • Travel guides to Pacific Northwest destinations.
  • Budget travel tips.
  • Unbiased experiential reviews of Pacific Northwest lodging and restaurants. I don’t take sponsorships from any of the places I write about. If that ever changes, I will be sure to note it at the start of the post.
  • Camping and hiking tips specific to this region.
  • Conversations with Pacific Northwestern insiders and interesting people I meet along the trail.
  • Unbiased reviews of travel and outdoor gear.
  • Stories of Pacific Northwest history and culture.
  • Inspirational essays and stories examining the magic of travel.

Northwest Nomad is for all Pacific Northwest travelers, but my wildest dream upon starting this site is to inspire someone out there who wants to get out and explore but needs that last little nudge to actually do it.

It’s a gift to get to experience this beautiful world we live in, and wonder is the way we praise the gift.

That’s how I feel, anyway. Maybe you agree.

Regardless, welcome to Northwest Nomad. I hope you find this place useful.