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Wildlife Viewing in Washington State: Quinault Rain Forest Roosevelt Elk

Lake Quinault and the Quinault Rain Forest are Great for Wildlife Viewing I’m a bit of a fanatic for the Lake Quinault area. It’s one of the best spots in the Pacific Northwest for finding solitude, hiking, fishing, and viewing wildlife. I’ve seen black bear, deer, bald eagle, and a mountain lion, all very close […]

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Ruby in the Mist

Walking Ruby Beach in the mist is like walking some orphaned strand stretching out between two dream seas. Great rocks, calcified husks of ancient sea giants, loom out of the water to one side. To the other, ancient trees stand tall and blind, patiently marking the moments in a world cut loose from time. Driftwood, bones […]

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Hospitality and Relaxation at the Quinault River Inn in Amanda Park, Washington, Just a Stone’s Throw Away from Lake Quinault

  The Uncommonly Welcoming Quinault River Inn I arrived fifteen minutes after closing time to find the hosts at the Quinault River Inn still awake and waiting for my arrival. I’d called a couple hours earlier for an impromptu weekend getaway but hadn’t actually paid for the room yet. Despite this lack of financial or […]

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