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Watching Crows at West Bay Park, Olympia, Washington

Crows at Olympia’s West Bay Park I was at Olympia’s West Bay Park¬†when I caught a couple shots of crows. West Bay Park is a nice little spot in a quieter section of Olympia. I visit it often to read or just look out over the water and think, but today I wanted to make this post specifically to share a couple shots of crows that I got. The crow on the ground was doing some of the strangest things…

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Wildlife Viewing in Washington State: Quinault Rain Forest Roosevelt Elk

How to Find the Quinault Rain Forest’s Roosevelt Elk Herd I don’t know many places in the state of Washington where you can watch Roosevelt elk as easily and reliably as you can in the Lake Quinault area. Specifically, there is a little stretch along North Shore Road where they seem to congregate most often. I can’t figure out how to show the area on Google Maps, but if you go east about 10 miles from the Lochaerie Resort pinned…

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