Where to Stay in Hoquiam, Washington

Hoquiam and Aberdeen, Washington, are Good Launch-Off Sites and Destinations in Their Own Rights

Hoquiam and Aberdeen are great places to stay for people hiking along the Washington coast. The cites are 45 minutes from Lake Quinault, with its great trails, wildlife viewing, and penchant for mystical experiences. It’s also half an hour from Ocean Shores.

The advantage to staying in Hoquiam or Aberdeen rather than the destinations noted above is that the cities are rarely ever sold out of accommodations, even in the summer peak touring season. They are also generally cheaper.

Last but not least, Aberdeen and Hoquiam have a poetry all their own, and I’m personally fond of visiting the area for the area’s sake.

Hoquiam Econo Lodge is Best Hotel for the Price

I travel through and to Hoquiam and Aberdeen a lot, and I recently discovered my personal favorite accommodations in the area: the Hoquiam Econo Lodge.

My room was clean, well-kept, and comfortable. It had a nice work desk to write at, and the bed comfortable enough that I slept through my alarm.

The hotel is close to the Hoquiam River and to 101, but it feels set off by itself and removed from the city. I went for a walk both nights I was there and found the area to be peaceful and quiet.

Everyone working the front desk was helpful and friendly, proving the validity of Hoquiam’s moniker as “The Friendliest City” (though I wish I could tell the city planners to alter the language a bit and add a qualifier to let us know what it’s friendliest out of…State? Country? WORLD?).

The Polson Museum, which is near the hotel (you should be able to see it to the northeast of the Google maps embed above), is one of the most interesting historic destinations in the state of Washington.

Kurt Cobain’s Landing, the first official memorial to the grunge pioneer, is about four miles to the east of the hotel. Stumbling distance from the hotel is the 8th Street Ale House, an Irish pub with a good dinner menu and a friendly atmosphere frequented by locals.