Wildlife Viewing in Washington State: Quinault Rain Forest Roosevelt Elk

How to Find the Quinault Rain Forest’s Roosevelt Elk Herd

I don’t know many places in the state of Washington where you can watch Roosevelt elk as easily and reliably as you can in the Lake Quinault area. Specifically, there is a little stretch along North Shore Road where they seem to congregate most often. I can’t figure out how to show the area on Google Maps, but if you go east about 10 miles from the Lochaerie Resort pinned below, you’ll find some open fields. The elk herd often hangs out in those fields, which are very close to the field. I’m talking close enough to watch clearly with the naked eye. With binoculars or a camera, you can see the sky reflected in their eyes.

Pictures of Quinault Rain Forest’s Roosevelt Elk

Okay, let me say now I’m going to update this section soon, next time I go to Quinault. I know these pictures aren’t fantastic, but I’m hoping they give a good idea of how close the elk actually are from the road. Both of these pictures were taken from my car.

I promise I’ll get more and better ones, but more than that, I suggest you go get your own!

If any of you need more specific directions to the open fields I discussed, shoot me a message and I’ll walk you in a bit more clearly.