I have no idea what the place is. I have no idea who built it. I have no idea what purpose it serves, if any.

I only know that, just outside the south side of the Tacoma Dome parking lot and on the north side of the Bull’s Eye Indoor Shooting Range, there’s a building advertising dentistry for 25 cents.

It is, in short, the most beautifully bizarre thing in the city of Tacoma. The only possible competition I know of, in fact, is the mysterious suspended bike of Ruston.

As you can see in this photograph, there is a dental chair atop the porch. Whether the dental work is done on that chair, or if it’s purely ornamental, I don’t know.

I imagine an old man with a twisted spine and a lab coat two sizes too small for his body scrambling up to the chair at night and performing dental surgery by moonlight.

For all ailments the same solution: removal of every tooth in the mouth.

And yes, that is an enlarged toothbrush just above the door, as well.

The door is always locked and, far as I can tell, gives no indication as to what is inside.


On the side of this most bizarre of buildings is another strange sight, facing an alleyway.

There are several “windows” marked out with blue tape, but no actual window there. I would say that the tape had been put there in order give outlines for carpenters to cut actual windows into, but that doesn’t make sense. You don’t cut windows into a building from the outside, far as I know.

Besides, these tape-windows have been on this wall for at least three years. I recall first seeing them that long ago.

There is no way this oddity is accidental. Somewhere out there is a beautifully mad surrealist who has turned this building into a work of psychotic art.

I’m throwing this story out into the Supreme World Net to see what kicks back. Someone out there, surely, knows the story behind this place.

Contact me. Tell the Northwest Nomad from where this strange place comes, and why.

Is 25 cent dentistry any good? I must know.

Until then, thank you, Weird Architect, Builder of the Strange, whoever thou art who made this mystery a reality. Tacoma owes you a debt of curiosity and wonder.