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Good Morning y’all from Butler Cove, Olympia, Washington

Two days ago a rainbow, and today a fantastic sunrise at Butler Cove.

What have I done to be so blessed, oh Lord?

Good morning, Nomaders!

I just want to share a happy hello and reminder that spring is coming…and NOTHING can stop it! NOTHING!!

It’s been a rough slog of a year (and three months) for many of us, but this beautiful world keeps turning around, and with each rotation it dredges up fantastic things to titillate our souls.

Keep being champions, my friends. Keep smiling no matter what they throw at ya. Most of all, keep nomadding.

Sun rising over the Puget Sound at Butler Cove.
The sun rises over the Sound at Butler Cove.
Silhouetted fir branches against orange sky.
Brilliant orange sky of Butler Cove sunrise.
Brilliant yellow sky with silhouetted fir branches.
Another sunrise shot, Butler Cove, Washington.

Ruby in Mist

An orphaned strand
stretched out
two dream seas.

Great rocks like calcified husks
of ancient sea giants loom
out of the water.

Ancient trees stand
tall and blind,
patiently marking moments
in a world cut loose from time.

Driftwood, bones of nightmares,
twisted and deformed.
Ocean waves scramble over each other
in a
desperate bid to escape the sea.

The waves grasp and claw at the sand
but only find themselves sucked deeper into it,
becoming part of the aimless shore.
Below ground, slowly, they’ll be drawn through
the pores in the earth,
and cast back into their
doomed and inescapable cycle.

In this place of mystery,
each traveler has
private hands

Angels of frightful symmetry,
perch in clouds
owl-like eyes watching.

Ruby in the mist
the world

We’ve left many footprints here
on the way to other places.

We’re still wandering the shores, in fact,
just like those ocean waves,
trying to break free from ourselves.

But grasp and claw and cry as we may,
the trees root ever deeper into the soil,
and nothing