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Good Morning y’all from Butler Cove, Olympia, Washington

Two days ago a rainbow, and today a fantastic sunrise at Butler Cove.

What have I done to be so blessed, oh Lord?

Good morning, Nomaders!

I just want to share a happy hello and reminder that spring is coming…and NOTHING can stop it! NOTHING!!

It’s been a rough slog of a year (and three months) for many of us, but this beautiful world keeps turning around, and with each rotation it dredges up fantastic things to titillate our souls.

Keep being champions, my friends. Keep smiling no matter what they throw at ya. Most of all, keep nomadding.

Sun rising over the Puget Sound at Butler Cove.
The sun rises over the Sound at Butler Cove.
Silhouetted fir branches against orange sky.
Brilliant orange sky of Butler Cove sunrise.
Brilliant yellow sky with silhouetted fir branches.
Another sunrise shot, Butler Cove, Washington.