Talking Ghosts at Alfred’s Cafe in Tacoma

Interesting Conversation

One of the great things about being the Northwest Nomad is that I have a permanent excuse to drink beer and chat with strangers at bars. It’s what I call “conducting research,” and I’ve found all kinds of interesting informational nuggets out there that way. A couple days ago I had such an encounter at Alfred’s Cafe in Tacoma.

I’ve been to Alfred’s Cafe a few times before. It’s one of my favorite breakfast spots in Tacoma, in fact. On this day, though, I heard something very intriguing — Alfred’s is haunted!

I’ve ordered some books to see what I can verify about the restaurant’s paranormal past, but for now I want to relate what I heard as I heard it, because it was an interesting conversation for sure.

Alfred’s Cafe: The Woman in the Corner

My conversation with the bartender and the patron turned to ghosts when the lights in the building started flickering. They did so in two clusters, roughly five flickers each, set about a minute apart. I didn’t think much of it, but the bartender and the patron smiled knowingly at each other.

I asked what they were smirking about, and they proceeded to tell me that it was probably the ghosts at it again.

The nuts and bolts of the tale are the standard pictures-falling-off-walls and mysterious-footsteps kind of stuff, but one particular aspect of the tale lent it more validity than the typical haunting story.

At least two Alfred’s Cafe employees have quit the restaurant after seeing the reflection of a woman sitting in the corner of the eating area. The sightings occurred on two separate occasions, while they employees were shutting down at night.

Quitting one’s place of employment isn’t the sort of thing people normally do for a hoax, especially not a hoax that brings them no fame or fortune.

The Little Girl in the Window

Alfred’s restaurant occupies the bottom floor of one of the oldest buildings in Tacoma. That bottom floor has been renovated for the modern age, but the upper two floors remain as they were when the building was built. There’s a massive grand staircase that connects the top two floors (the employees told me about this). The staircase used to run down to the ground-level floor, too, but it was taken out a few years ago.

The upper two floors are today used only for storage, giving plenty of time and space for the ghosts to scamper about at will.

One of the entities living up there, I am told, is a little girl who can occasionally be seen looking out of one of the top-story windows. But how did she get there in the first place? Well, the story behind that little bit is rather interesting.

Prostitutes and their Daughters

The reason why ghost is a young girl and the other is a grown woman lies in the history of the structure.

The building that now houses Alfred’s used to be a brothel. This much I was actually able to verify with some internet sleuthing.

Brothels were notoriously dark and violent places in early America, and the legend is that some ugly, ugly things went down in the building that now houses Alfred’s — things as ugly as murder. Does this mean the woman’s ghost is some ill-fated prostitute? We can’t be sure, of course, though evidence leans that way.

As for the little girl, the Bull’s Eye indoor shooting range across the parking lot from Alfred’s was supposedly once a school for little girls. The prostitutes working the brothel would send their daughters over there during the “work” day.

Well, according to legend, decades ago that school burned down, killing seven girls.

So, perhaps the woman and the little girl are mother and daughter?

Or, perhaps there’s a whole host of women and little-girl ghosts there, singing and crying to each other. Maybe the many sightings have actually been of multiple different people.

There’s no way to know for sure, but I do intend to find out.

Let the Paranormal Adventure Begin

The Alfred’s conversation has inspired me to add a new section to this blog and a new mission to my travels. I’m going to begin covering paranormal destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ll get to the bottom of this Alfred’s thing soon enough. I’ve got my books coming, and I’m going to do some gumshoeing.

So, stay tuned, friends. Also, please do let me know if you’ve got any tips on this or any other Pacific Northwest paranormal story.


7 thoughts on “Talking Ghosts at Alfred’s Cafe in Tacoma”

  1. This is so cool. I love the paranormal and hearing the fun and creepy tales behind old buildings and places. I’ve always wanted to be a paranormal investigator, you’ll have so much fun with this. Can’t wait to read more about it.

    1. Hey, Tara McV! This area is actually a hotbed of weirdness. Back in 1947 I believe it was, a fellow had a UFO encounter that sparked the modern UFO fever. It was the event that gave birth to the “men in black.” Neat stuff. I’m going to dig into every creepy cranny.

  2. I worked at Alfreds my shift was 6am creepy things happened .I’d go in the walk in and the fridge would fly open and all the dressings would fall out and there would be dressing all over.. The worker up stairs would be on break and all his tools would be moved to different rooms in 1941? A cop hung him self at the bar. Peoples glasses at the bar would explode for no reason. There’s to tell it was creepy at 6am by your self!!

    1. Shannon, sorry I somehow completely missed this until now. Thanks so much for leaving this reply.
      I really appreciate all this information. I’m going to see if I can find the news story about that cop.
      Thanks again!

    2. Actually, Shannon, if you’d ever be interested in doing an interview about your experiences, I’d LOVE to elaborate on this.
      No worries either way, but let me know if by chance you would be interested.

  3. Ha, awesome. Thanks for the response. I as just back in your place on Monday, by the way. It’s funny, I was contacted by a couple other people in addition to the employee and patrons I talked to that day, and they told me they, too, encountered the ghosts! Maybe you’ve just gotten lucky so far. I’ve been walking with the folks at Grit City and we were going to do more research on the building…I need to finish this thing I’m working on for another Tacoma historical oddity, Fred L. Crisman.

    Thanks again. P.S. The laminated newspapers in the restaurant are great. I love reading them.

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