Picture of the exterior of Granny's Cafe.

Granny’s Cafe near Port Angeles, Washington: One of the Best Places to Eat on the 101 Loop

Granny's Cafe and Indian Valley Motel signs.Every time I’m in the Port Angeles area, as I was last week to hike Mount Storm King, I stop at Granny’s.

About 10 minutes or so east of the Storm King Ranger Station, and about 20 minutes west of downtown Port Angeles, sits this little cafe just off the highway. It looks a bit modest (or maybe “humble” is the word) there with its dirt parking lot and old-timey facade, but this place is one of the best kept secrets on the 101 loop.

Granny’s has a website that gives the skinny on most the details of their establishment, so I won’t rehash that here. What I WILL do is say that Granny’s has some of the best burgers and milk shakes that you’ll find in the state of Washington.

Beyond that, though, the place just has a good vibe. It’s one of those things that’s difficult or impossible to quantify, but Exterior of Granny's Cafe.something about it just feels right. Those who have discovered this little 101 gem know exactly what I mean. More than once on my travels in the area I’ve met people who asked, “Have you ever been to Granny’s?” And when I say yes there’s this mutual nod and a smile, like I’ve met someone who belongs the same secret club as me.

This makes me want to reference to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance¬†and say, “Granny’s is a good cafe,” but that may be too obscure to make much sense to anyone. (I’m keeping it in, though, because this is my blog, damn it, and Art is one of my favorite books of all times.)

Granny’s even has a little petting zoo and pigeon coop in back for the kids. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of staying at the Indian Valley Motel adjoining the restaurant, but I shall do so soon and return to my home here to share with ye all what I find. I fully expect it will be terrific.

That’s about all for now. Like I said, just a brief little highway sketch about this awesome place. Go there. Get a shake. Get a burger. Sit down and soak in those good Granny’s vibes. When you’re done drop me a line and let me know how it was. I’d love to hear about it. We’ll both be members of the Granny’s Club, after all.

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