Winter Block on the way to Dirty Harry's Peak

hike to winter block: Dirty Harry’s peak isn’t only for rock climbing (the hike is pretty good too)

I wasn’t trying to do Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail. I actually went looking for the Birdhouse Trail, which was supposed to somehow be connected to the DHPT. I never saw any sign of the Birdhouse Trail and am as baffled as to its location now as I was before arriving at what I thought was the trailhead.

Much like the Melmont Ghost Town, the Birdhouse Trail remains a mystery. All is well, however, my friends. The Nomad drives on.

What I ended up doing was hiking about two miles of the Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail. After hiking about 1.5 miles I stopped at Winter Block, which affords some nice views.

It was a rainy, muddy day, and I wasn’t in the mood to go all the way to the top. I meant for a nice, leisurely hike on the Birdhouse Trail and didn’t go out with the intention of doing anything overly strenuous (I have a sports injury).

I can’t say my experience on the DHPT was too mind-blowing, but it was nice. The trail climbs in elevation pretty steeply and has a lot of bare rock to traverse, which is something I’ve always found oddly pleasing.

There are various spur trails to rock-climbing spots, such as the Grit Scone pictured below.

Grit Scone
This is the Grit Scone rock-climbing destination

I will be summiting Dirty Harry’s Peak at some point, but for now figured I’d discuss the trail as a simple two-mile day hike. You can get up on Winter Block after a pretty straightforward but frequently steep ~1.5 mile hike.

The hike won’t won’t rob your soul like Mount Storm King, but it will get the blood pumping. The rock climbing here looks fantastic, but I’ll have to wait to say that definitively.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something new, you could do worse than the Dirty Harry Peak Trail to Winter Block. It’s worth a gander.

Happy nomadding, friends.

(I have no idea what the issue with WordPress right now, but the sytem isn’t allowing me to embed the map. This will link will show you how to get to the trailhead:

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