Rainbow at Cooper's Point, Washington

I Got near the End of the Rainbow at Butler Cove, Washington (and Survived to Tell About it)

End of the Rainbow, Butler Cove, Washington

Yesterday I was blessed to open my door and find myself staring at a rainbow not too far from my home. I didn’t even have to do any nomadding for this beautiful spectacle, my friends. This time, the beautiful spectacle came to me.

It was a dramatic and potentially dangerous situation. I feared armies of leprechauns may swarm me at any moment.

Luckily, thankfully, no such terrors occurred. There was only the natural beauty and the silence…and the clicking of my camera.

I’m still learning the art of the photograph, but I’m hoping the natural splendor of this sight is enough to overcome my deficiencies.

Enjoy, and happy nomadding, my friends.

Rainbow at Butler Cove, Washington
Rainbow at Butler Cove, Washington

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